Our Sustainability Journey

When it comes to our sustainability journey, we truly are just at the beginning. It all starts with making small changes day to day, and asking yourself questions before making those big decisions – is there a more sustainable fabric we could be using? Could we be using less plastic for packaging? Sure, it might take more time and research, but when it comes to the future of our planet, it’s worth it. Being mothers to beautiful young children makes you not only think about the future of your planet, but more importantly, their planet.

What started with slowly introducing more sustainable fibres into our line, has lead to us creating our first completely sustainable collection, made entirely from denim waste collected from factory floors. Seeing a production process as amazing as this, and touching and feeling the finished product, is what inspires us to continue on our journey.

We know that our sustainability journey is possibly one of the largest projects we’ve ever embarked on, but it’s also one of the most important. Just remember, every little bit counts and together we really can make a change. We cannot wait to see what the futures holds for our brand and our fellow sea-loving community.

From our Founders, Emma And Victoria.



Each and every product is designed in-house at our Australian studio located in the beautiful seaside area of Northern Rivers. Our design process spans over 12 months at minimum so that we can ensure our products are of the highest quality, and are impacting the environment as little as possible.

We are always looking for more sustainable fabrics, and eco-friendlier ways to bring our ideas to life. Once the design process is complete, we work with our talented teams around the world for sampling and final production. We manufacture globally so that we can ensure we are working with the right factories to produce our vast product range. Our key manufacturing locations include China, Turkey and Guatemala.

Every product you see from The Beach People is designed with practicality and longevity in mind. We want our products to be as usable as they are beautiful.



Our dedication to sustainability and the environment is a passion that is shared by our entire team. We promote a culture that encourages a greener way of living and we are always looking at the bigger picture. At our Australian Head Office, we recycle and choose to reuse, because we know that ever little bit counts.

Not only are our team dedicated to bettering the environment through our everyday office practices, we are striving to share this message with our customer. We focus on designing quality products that are durable and will stand the test of time, rather than cheaper, poorer quality products that will end up in landfill after a short time.

We are striving to reduce plastic in our factory shipments and move towards a biodegradable future. One of our key objectives is to transition completely to biodegradable plastics for all products by 2020. Bioplastics are made from 20 percent or more of renewable materials and are produced with a smaller carbon footprint, which means they decompose quicker. 

All Australian orders processed via our online boutique are packaged in compostable satchels from The Better Packaging Co. which are made from corn starch and can be composted at home. We encourage our customer to dispose of them with their food scraps or garden waste. For all larger orders, we utilise the original cardboard packaging from our manufacturers.

The greatest step in our sustainability journey is our Upcycled Denim home range. The collection is produced by a family run factory in Guatemala who collect pre-consumer industrial denim waste and grind it back into fine fibres, before transforming this into new fabrics that are 100% natural and biodegradable, free from synthetics, chemicals and dye. The finished product is luxurious, incredibly soft, durable and most importantly, eco-friendly.


“We focus on working with organisations that share our same beliefs when it comes to the environment and sustainability.”



Building and maintaining a strong, likeminded community is one of the key principles of our brand. We focus on working with organisations that share our same beliefs when it comes to the environment and sustainability. One of our partnerships that we are most proud of is our partnership with The Great Barrier Foundation. 5% of all sales from our Signature Series (including t-shirts, hats, jute bags and towels) are donated to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation to help better the beautiful reef and its inhabitants. We also give back to various local charities that are close to the heart of our Founders.

We ensure that all of our workplaces are safe, fair and ethical, and ask our global partners to abide by strict codes. Each of our factories are regularly visited by our team to ensure that they feel part of our brand. You can trust that they meet fair labour conditions, follow workplace health and safety, and join us in our mission to better the environment.