TBP x Monday Swimwear

Introducing our latest Travel Towel, made for the chic sea lover who is wild at heart. The Amur Leopard Travel Towel was designed in collaboration with Monday Swimwear, a brand that we have always loved and admired for their beautiful designs that inspire women to feel confident and free. We chat to our Founders, and Tash and Devin, the brains behind Monday Swimwear, about the special story behind the exclusive leopard print, and how this collaboration came about…


Can you tell us about your brand and how it all began?

MS - Natasha and I grew up close to beaches, myself a Maui girl and Natasha from Sydney. We spent a lot of time on the beach and basically lived in bikinis. A Bikini A Day came to life purely out of our love for swimwear and the lifestyle that surrounds the beach. Monday Swimwear naturally came next after wearing literally thousands of different bikinis. We felt the market lacked comfortable, form fitting, and sexy swim that flatters all shapes! Natasha and I are both curvy women, so we were inspired to create swim we love to wear that actually fits. 


What was the inspiration behind the towel and what made you want to collaborate with each other?

MS - We have loved The Beach People for years now and have so many of their towels already. We thought, who better to collaborate with on a towel than the best in the business? We knew we were in good hands with the fine quality and care that The Beach People put into their products. We wanted to give our customer something new and different that they can pair with their swimwear and we are beyond thrilled with how the collaboration turned out. 

TBP - We worked with Tash and Devin when we first launched The Beach People back in the summer of 2013 and our relationship grew from there. The best collaborations spring from a natural friendship. When the gals from Monday Swimwear told us their idea to do a collab towel, Vic and I jumped at it! Especially the Amur Leopard print design, it’s so lovely on the swimwear and matching travel towel. We’ve actually always wanted to design a leopard print towel, but it never quite felt right until now. It’s been so great working with the gals and I look forward to creating more magic with them in the future. 


Can you tell us a little more about the Amur Leopard… 

MS - Our Amur Leopard print is very special to us as it was inspired by the beautiful Amur Leopards that primarily live in Russia and Northern China. Unfortunately the Amur Leopards have recently been added to the critically endangered list. We decided to share some of our proceeds from the Amur Leopard sales to help support the preservation of these beautiful creatures along with other endangered species. 10% of all sales from our Amur Leopard print goes towards the cause. 


Describe the sea lover who NEEDS this towel

TBP - Our travel towels are plush and oversized, yet lightweight and quick drying. A seaside/poolside essential for all. And the design is just the sweetest thing! Who doesn’t love a little leopard print?! It really is so timeless. 

MS - The beach babe who doesn’t settle for a basic beach towel. She is stylish, chic, sassy and sophisticated. 


Tell us why you chose to shoot the towel in Bali…  

MS - Bali has a very special place in our hearts as the energy of the island is magical. We also love the black sand beaches and thought that the towels would really pop and look stunning on the sand. 


How will you be styling the towel?

TBP - With a simple black one piece, big French style sun hat and one of our Macrame Tote Bags. Summer ready! 

MS - We will most definitely pair the towel with some of our favourite Monday Swimwear and beachwear neutrals or of course the Amur Leopard styles! Throw on a big wide brim hat and a chic pair of black glasses and you’re good to go. 


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Photographer Emily Abay