Behind the Design with our Stonewash Bath

Emma and I always feel like we are bursting with ideas for new product. It's such a bittersweet feeling as good products take time to produce.

Our Stonewash Bath Range took 18 months to develop. The construction of our towels didn’t exist in the market and we knew what we wanted in our heads. We wanted a turkish style towel in weight, that was more Japanese in construction and aesthetic but a little more finished. Without giving all our secrets away… we found a factory in Central America that was willing to work with us on what we wanted to create. 

The final product is a 100% cotton light weight stonewashed towel. I know I am biased but I think they are damn sexy! They look amazing on the wall and feel like heaven to use. Like any artisan products it has its challenges. Keeping a consistency in colour with variations in the stone wash and so on. I visited the factory with some of our team and just fell in love with the culture and the people… oh and the food… plus who doesn’t love tequila in a business meeting at 11am. Hello!

While I can’t disclose the name of the town we produce in, I can share their story. The town has been making cotton textiles for over 400 years and the factory that we work with have revived an old mill to bring it back in to working order, which has had a beautiful flow on effect to the town and it’s people. The people that work in the mill take a real pride in what they produce and we feel like we are working with them.

For Emma and I producing our Stonewash Bath Range has been a dream come true. Let’s be honest we all get our inspiration from somewhere and any old product developer can take a sample to get copied in a flash, but true originality takes time. Emma and I are proud to bring something brand new to the market working with manufacturers we respect and care for. That’s the dream really isn’t it. Vic xx 

Discover our Stonewash Bath Range below in the sea inspired colourS;

Ash, Indigo and Clay.