Five minutes with our Founders

Our founders, Emma & Victoria, sat down with the ladies from The Delivery, an upcoming Mama blog, to discover what inspired The Roundie, to how they juggle motherhood and a global business. You can read the whole interview with The Delivery here, or scroll down to read about their current favourite books and interviews that changed their life!


Where did you find the inspiration to revolutionise the humble beach towel?

Emma: Sitting on the beach one afternoon, watching our husbands surf I looked at all the things I had around us and I said to Victoria “Let’s do something. I think we should make round beach towels, want to do that with me?”.  It was such a simple thought that came out of our everyday life. I noticed that no one was doing luxury seaside essentials. We wanted to put our style into the beach basics and we’ve expanded The Beach People brand to include bed and bath now. So fun!

How has your vision for the business/brand evolved over the past few years?

Victoria: It’s blown us away, the public reaction to our business. In the beginning we were just happy to have some extra pocket money but we quickly learned we had to dream bigger. We are forever pushing ourselves and evolving our business to think bigger.

Would you do anything differently if you were starting over knowing what you do now?

Emma: So many things. Maybe everything. But making mistakes is how you learn.


Has being in business together changed your relationship as sisters?

Emma: Yes, early on we learnt how to put boundaries in place so that we can switch off on weekends to enjoy each other’s company as sisters and friends. For example we only talk about fun things and we don’t talk about things like “how on earth are we going to fit all our stock in the warehouse”.

Victoria: I’ve learnt so much more about Emma since working with her and it’s so fun working with my sister. It has made us closer as we are on this crazy journey together.

Greatest piece of advice for mothers keen to start their own business?

Victoria: Work will always be there but your children are only little once, take every opportunity to engage with them when you are with them and then don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re not.

What has been your proudest moment in business?

Victoria: I also love that we have made a place for people to enjoy coming to work. The flow on effect that has had on their families and the community is lovely.

Emma: Seeing people all over the world enjoy our product.

How do you perform the great balancing act between work  commitments  and motherhood? 

Victoria: I just do my best to try to enjoy each moment, if I am at work I am at work and if I’m with Ted, I’m with Ted.

Emma: The ol’ balance game. I think when you stop worrying about balance you start to achieve it! From 5pm-7:30pm every day I’m with my children. No phones, no emails. I cook dinner, I jump on the trampoline or we all walk on the beach. Then dinner, bath, bed and I’m all theirs for that time. There are weeks when I have sick kids and balance goes out the window or I have a big campaign to shoot and I don’t have as much time for Josh and the girls but it all evens out and I know I just have to go with the flow.





What does your average day look like? 

Victoria: Up early and on the line for some time with my US based team, then breakfast with my boys, then either to the office or the beach depending on if it’s a “mummy day” or a “business day”.

Emma: Up early for morning cuddles with my three daughters, then off to work where we do anything from designing product, marketing content, social media strategy, photoshoots and general everyday business shenanigans. We end most days seaside as a family.

Do you have any rituals?

Victoria: Absolutely. I journal, pray/mediate in the morning before anything else. It sets my day off on a good path. No devices in the bedroom, I put my phone/laptop down around 5pm and don’t look at it again until after my morning quiet time which is usually around 6am. So I have 12 hours digital free a day. I have regular date nights with my husband and don’t work on weekends. In saying that when I am travelling on business it all goes out the window as it’s all work work work. So I just set these as more guidelines than rules and I keep them maybe 90% of the time.

Emma: Similar to Victoria’s. Vic is really passionate about limited screen time so I tend to do the same. We have really enjoyed this way of living.


Do you have any personal goals you are working towards?

Victoria: I am hoping to spear my first fish this summer and also get Teddy on his first stand up wave on his own.

Emma: I’m big on “living the life you want to live now”. I’m working on doing more of the things that make me and my family happiest. More holiday and fun this year.

Book recommendation ?


Victoria: I just read Widow Cliquot. It’s a lovely story of the female founder of Veuve Clicquot. I am always always always reading, I have like three books on the go! One is usually health related, one business related and one just for fun. I also just finished “Stay the Path” by Bobbie Houston. It’s faith based and was really inspiring. Anyone that keeps doing what they are doing for as long as her and her husband Brian have is worth a read. 

Emma: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a oldie but a goodie. Everyone receives love differently once you know your partner or child’s love language you can really show them love. Great book.

Drink of choice?

Victoria: Champagne. Although this summer I have been enjoying a sparkling Shiraz.

Emma: I love a Pimms in the summer.

TED Talk or Podcast recommendation?

Victoria: I just listened to Tim Ferris’s interview of Arianna Huffington and it had a huge positive effect on my life. Definitely worth the 1 hour and 45 minutes that it takes to listen to it.

Emma: The one Vic mentioned just changed my life!


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