Ever wondered how often you should wash your bed linen?

We have the answer for you… plus other interesting benefits of keeping things clean between the sheets.

Now, we’re not here to judge or point fingers, because let's face it, we have all left our sheets on a little longer than socially acceptable at one time in our lives. But lets come clean, pardon the pun, forget the past and learn the interesting benefits of keeping your sheets clean.

After researching we found the ideal sheet washing scale goes a little something like this: 

Once a week: Good for you - let’s be friends.
Once a fortnight: Life's busy and we’re friendly people, so that’s ok.
Once a month: Maybe outsource… a local laundry will make your life cleaner for $14 a pop.
Once every two months: Actually not ok… make a fire in your backyard and light that s#*t up!!

We shed around 500 million skin cells per day, so if you spend a third of your life sleeping (as most of us do), 160 million of these cells will end up in your bed every night. Not to mention bodily oils, sweat and dirt – especially if you’re not the only body rolling around in there – plus the millions of bacteria and other micro-organisms that build up.  And the longer you leave them, the more they multiply. With those interesting (little bit disturbing) facts in mind we ask you a few of questions to help you determine how often you should wash your sheets.

Do you sleep alone or with a partner? Or with a pet? Is that pet an indoor pet or a roll around the dirt pet?

Do you have small children that sneak food (and sticky fingers) under your covers? Do you eat doughnuts in bed while watching movies? Do you shower before bed or in the morning? Lots of variables to contend with…

About 30% of what you see is making your bed filthy and the build up can lead to skin break outs and respiratory distress. Confronting right!?, I think we are feeling ready for some answers and good news!

Research tells us the ideal frequency of sheet washing is every one to two weeks. Some will even say pillowcases once a week, whilst sheets and duvet should be washed every 2 weeks.

If you're the proud owner of our Linen Bedding Range this is good news as your linen will get softer with every wash and is also lightweight and breathable, making your bedtime all the better, yippee! 


To wash we prefer to use natural eco laundry detergent and we also line dry our linen in the sun as it has antibacterial properties, so your laundry is sanitised. Did you also know that the sun also make your whites whiter. Double win!

Bet you're all running home to wash your sheets now, happy cleaning! There's something I thought I would never say. Perhaps happy sleeping is more appropriate.

Emma x