What to Pack for a Summer Getaway with Julia Lundin

Although based in London, Julia Lundin, is better known for jetting around the world to exotic locations with her photographer husband, Patrik, So when it comes to packing for a Summer Getaway, We couldn’t think of anyone better to give us their best tips on packing for a Summer getaway.

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When I look back at the past five years of my blogging career, I realise that one of the greatest benefits of my job is the ability to travel the world. I have found myself visiting locations that before were nothing but dreams on my bucket list. I can now tick 20+ countries off it and, instead, add endless memories that will last me a lifetime.

Being generally a sun, beach and palm trees seeker, I have now visited a few islands and countries that would (and are) easily considered a ‘paradise’ on Earth (that is if you, like me, think that beach life is EVERYTHING)! I am talking about Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Bermuda, Greek Islands, St.Barts and Antigua. Each of these places are unique and breathtaking and I find picking just one favourite merely impossible. A few things that all of these have in common is nearly always perfect weather, beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue water and oh those palm trees!

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The understanding of what and how to pack to visit a sunny destination came to me through the experience. I can tell you that I didn’t always nail it. Take my trip to Mauritius, for example, it happened to be the first sunny trip of the year for me and the promise of great weather and beach got me slightly overexcited to say the least. I arrived to the airport with 5kg over my luggage allowance because I pretty much packed my entire summer wardrobe. That trip taught me so much about what to take and what to leave, that I did my next trip to (a very warm) New York with just hand luggage. Lesson learned!

So here are some of my packing tips to have everything you need on your next sunny holiday without paying for an extra bag.

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1.Unless my itinerary has a specific dress code, I don’t take any heels with me anymore.

Believe me, I used to pack few pairs (hello overweight suitcase), just to realise that after a day on the beach and in the sun, the last thing I feel like doing is squeezing my feet into an uncomfortable pair of heels. So I would always end up not wearing any of the pairs I had with me at all. Instead, cute slides, flats or sandals (possibly bejewelled) can look as nice with any evening outfit.

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2. Roll not fold.

Rolling instead of folding your clothes will save you lots of extra space and possibly even wrinkle them less. Speaking about wrinkly clothes, I always travel with a hand steamer. Haven’t made a trip without one for two years now. You can also fit a lot of things inside your summer hats and bags. I tend to pack my sunglasses into handbags for some extra protection.

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3. Bring your favourite beach towel with you.

Trust me, it can be very comforting. My pick is this Travel Towel from The Beach People. It rolls up into next to nothing and dries super fast, making it ideal for travelling. I also love their inflatable Beach Cushions, perfect for seaside relaxing. It even works great as a pillow for the plane. Roll it up into your carry on and blow it up on the plane!

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4. maxi dresses, swimsuits, bikinis…

Bring flowy maxi dresses for sunset walks and dinners and pack enough swimsuits and bikinis. Unless you are going to be doing loads of exploring you won’t really need many clothes at all; just your favourite shorts, few tops, a couple of mini and maxi dresses and your favourite bag, and your are all set. My go to for travelling is the Scallop Hip Bag. I love how you can tie it crossbody or around your waist, perfect for site seeing days!

5. And last but possibly, most important...

Don’t forget to pack sun screen and after sun lotion. Being healthy is beautiful!

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