At home with the Homme Boys

Inspired by all things vintage, mid century and Californian, interior designers and builders Austin and Alex from the @hommeboys sat down to speak with us about their morning routines, how they style their bed in the morning, and their favourite thing about our new Eucalyptus Sheets. Based in Sonoma, California, Austin and Alex's home is an eclectic jungle, filled with pattern and colour and doesn't shy away from "more is more" styling! Scroll down to see more of their inspiring and creative space, they call home.



Our bedside tables are very different from one another. Alex always has a jug and cup of water (he’s easily parched at night) and that's about it. He likes to keep his bedside table free and clear of the clutter. Mine, on the other-hand, is always full. The set up ranges from week to week but I always have some flowers, my jewellery, a keepsake box full of special items to me (that way I always know where they are) and a fresh linen spray. Oh, and always an iPhone charger, but you will NEVER see that in our photos. 

Do you have a night time routine?

I spray our bed every night before going to sleep with a linen spray (lavender)- it refreshes and makes them feel fresh and clean! 

How do you like to wakeup?

We typically wake up naturally, my biological clock is set to 7:30 am every morning. But when I say naturally I mean seconds before the alarm clock (iPhone) goes off, it's actually kind of annoying. I always beg for those extra seconds. We both typically grab our phones and check emails, Instagram and the stock market (bad habit) and then we are up making our morning ritual, French press and avocado salmon toast. 

What is your bed making ritual?

It totally depends! If we have a shoot to do that day, it's made to perfection, otherwise we kind of sloppily make the bed because we know our dog Ziggy will be right back on it minutes after we leave the room. 

When we do style our bed we use both a fitted and top sheet, we pull the top sheet all the way to the top of the bed, then the duvet, fold part of the top sheet back over the duvet and then tuck everything in. Lastly, we stack upright two king pillows on either side and finish with three euro shams and sometimes one accent pillow and throw. Sometimes the “we just got out of bed and it looks perfect” scene works well too!


What do you love most about our Eucalyptus Sheets?

We loved the packaging of these Eucalyptus Sheets... it gave us an instant crush on how luxe these sheets really are! Not to mention how they feel like silk, but breathe like cotton!

Austin and Alex have our Eucalyptus Sheets in Charcoal, as well as our luxurious Stonewash Bath in Clay and Ash. Read here how Australian interior designer Jason Grant styles the sheets in White and find out how New York creative Christie Tyler, styles her sheets in Sand here.