Bedside with Christie Tyler

Famous for her Parisian aesthetic and vintage style, NYC based Christie Tyler, or better known on Instagram as @nycbambi styled our new Eucalyptus Bedding in her New York City apartment. Christie chatted to us about how she loves to style her bed, and everything sitting atop her bedside table. Christie features our Eucalyptus Sheets in Sand.


What’s on your bedside table right now?

I just splurged on a lamp called The Marais Lamp from CB2, and now it sits right next to my bed so I can read at night without testing my eyeballs. I have my favorite magazine, Unconditional, a couple of gold earrings I like to admire, a comb, and a beautiful Byredo candle in their Burning Rose scent. My favorite print by artist A. Kieffer leans against my wall. In my drawers I have tons of oils, serums, creams, and books for late night access. 

Do you have a night time routine?

I love doing a face mask, reading, and having a candle lit before I go to bed. I religiously follow my nightly skincare routine, which includes the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleanser, Kiehls avocado eye cream, Sunday Riley serum, and sometimes an oil or two. I try not to go onto my phone before I go to bed, instead I try to concentrate on writing, reading, or watching movies, just to decompress from the day! 


How do you like to wakeup?

I wake up to a simple tone from my phone. I like my mornings to be slow instead of rushed, so I get up extra early. I take my time making coffee, doing my morning skincare routine and doing my makeup for the day. My breakfast is usually granola or oatmeal with berries, and once I'm dressed, I'll check emails, check up on Instagram, and see what is in my calendar for the day. 

What is your bed making ritual?

I make my bed everyday... I have to or else it feels like my room is a mess! I like having tightly tucked in sheets and fluffy pillows. I keep it very simple, no throw pillows or anything like that. Sometimes in the winter I'll drape an extra blanket at the bottom of my bed, but other than that, it is kept clean and tidy. 

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Create the look in your own home with our Eucalyptus Sheets, available in Sand, White and Charcoal. Read more about the inspiration and benefits of Eucalyptus here and see how Australian Interior Stylist styles the sheets in White here.