Beauty at the beach with Luciana Rose

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1. So tell us, what are THE must have beauty products in your beach bag?

  • Lip de-luscious SPF 25+

  • NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser SPF 15+ (this level of SPF is USA standards, so I always apply extra sunscreen underneath this lightweight, easy to carry, tinted moisturiser!)

  • My go to sunscreen for the face is Mecca Cosmetica, To Save Face Sunscreen SPF30+.

  • NARS Liquid Laguna Bronzer (a bit bulky to carry around, but it’s worth it!) It's a gorgeous liquid and dewy bronzer to add to your foundation and will keep that summer glow all year round!

  • A retractable brush (with a lid) to apply foundations/liquid bronzers, so it stays clean in my makeup/beach bag! Try the Hourglass Retractable Foundation Brush! But any brush suits.

  • NARS Orgasm Blush, in liquid or powder! Perfect sunkissed colour pop, not too pink and not too peachy.

  • A Covergirl Waterproof Mascara in black, affordable and the best!

2. What’s your go to sunscreen for Summer?

My absolute go to for years has been Le Tan SPF 50+ coconut sunscreen. It has the best consistency and buy it in bulk size (1 litre) to last you all year. It smells divine, people will stop me in the streets and ask me what that amazing smell is! But in saying that, I have just discovered the sunscreen brand, Feel Good Inc. SPF50+ coconut sunscreen, which I love!! It’s paraben free, preservative free and Australian owned. It comes in easy on the eye 200ml bottle.

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3. Teach us, how do we achieve the perfect beach wave in our hair?

  • Use a medium sized tong, GHD 26mm Curling Tong is awesome, literally grab small random chunks of your hair and tong, and pull down the curled hair as soon as you take the tong away from the hair, so as to keep the curl quite relaxed… no one wants to see that you’ve ‘curled’ your hair, it needs to look effortless. For pre-tonging, I love Paul Mitchell, Hot Off The Press Hair Spray with heat protection or Paul Mitchell, Worked Up Hairspray, for soft effortless curls.

  • Always finish with a spritz of beach hair spray. My favourites are Kevin Murphy, Resort Spray or Paul Mitchell, Texturising Sea Spray.

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4. How do you care for your salty skin and hair after a trip to the beach?

  • HAIR BEAUTY TIP: After your day at the beach use Kevin Murphy, Young Again, serum in damp hair after your shower. Keeps your hair well conditioned throughout the summer!

  • SKIN BEAUTY TIP: I’ve tried so many skin moisturisers over the years, but I’ve always seemed to come back to one ideal product, Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Moisturiser!

  • FACE BEAUTY TIP: Vanessa Megan N.E.O OIL – this oily serum is absolute magic, I take it everywhere I go especially when travelling. It smells so good and it’s so natural and organic that you can actually eat it! (I’ve never tasted it haha, but I’m sure it’s delish!)

5. Leave us with your best beauty hack for the beach?

  • Keep your fridge packed with cucumbers! Take them to the beach while you bake and eat them! This cheap and easy snack idea will keep you hydrated and content. Or use them when you get home on your eyes, or make a cucumber and mint smoothy! They are the veggie that keeps on giving! Hydration for your insides and the outside is the key to surviving a long hot summer!



Mix together; macadamia oil or coconut oil, himalayan salt, fresh lemon/orange/lime zest for scent... and boom! I like to add a little essential oil for an amazing aroma... I love lemongrass! So refreshing!


Mix together; macadamia oil or coconut oil, raw sugar, peppermint oil and ground coffee! Cheap and easy amazing coffee scrub and it smells delicious in the shower too!