What's in your beach bag?

As our Australian Summer is in full swing, we took the time to ask our amazing Beach People staff just what they take to the beach, besides their Roundies of course!

Co-Founder Victoria - Jute Bag, Travel Towel, Petite Poncho, a cute toddler and a puppy dog, sunscreen, two pairs of goggles and heaps of fruit, snacks and water!

Co-Founder Emma - White Macrame Bag, Pioneer Travel Towel, big bottle of water, healthy snacks like activated nuts or chopped fruit and a good magazine!


Ally, Social Media Coordinator - Blue Stripe Line Tote, Stonewash Bath Sheet in Ash, Pentax film camera, Antipodes water, Ray Ban sunnies, the latest Vogue mag, lip balm, a banana and my Poppy and Co straw hat.

Jake, Manager of Creative Services - Original Jute Bag, Stonewash Bath Sheet in Indigo, oversized linen shirt, insulated water bottle and a felt hat.

Natalie, PR & Marketing Manager - Blue Stripe Linen Tote, Dune Beach Cushion, Pioneer & Adventurer Travel Towel plus Petite Ponchos for my little girls, Fallen Broken Street straw hat, Ray Ban sunnies, tub of fruit, chips and snacks for the kiddies, big bottle of water, bluetooth speaker, Zulu & Zephyr togs, glossy mag or a good book and sunscreen, zinc and surf wax.

Becky, Senior Manager of Global Sales - Macrame Bag, Mirage Roundie, Dune Beach Cushion, beach umbrella, sunnies, water & nibblies, Uno cards, Bose speaker, sunscreen, a good book and my phone & keys!


Brenton, E-Commerce Coordinator - Adventurer Travel Towel, sunscreen, zinc, floaties, fresh fruit and juice and some crackers and dip!

Renee, Account Executive Sales - White Macrame Bag, Nomad Roundie, wide brim sun hat, sunscreen, sun oil, sunglasses, water proof Bose speaker and a Dune Beach Cushion.

Lauren, Customer Care - Original Jute Bag, Bedouin Roundie, Swell bottle of water (it keeps it cold all day!), carrots and hummus, big sunglasses, coconut scented sunscreen so it smells like summer and my Hurraw lipbalm.

Aidan, Creative Services - A Travel Towel of course, a big glass water bottle, sunscreen, snacks (nuts, dried fruit and chips), my sunnies, hat and a bluetooth speaker.