Kara Rosenlund’s Road Trip essentials


We recently had a chat with Australian stylist, photographer, author and adventurer Kara Rosenlund on all things road trippin’ plus she shares her two favourite TBP products to take along for the ride! Read on below...


TBP: What does a road trip mean to you?

KR: A road trip is absolute freedom. Im addicted to that freedom and try to go on as many road trips as possible. Road trips means turning off the highway because you like the name of the next small town. It’s no rules. It’s windows wound down, music up loud and good old fashion times.

TBP: What is your best advice for packing for a road trip?

KR: Make it fun, it’s far more flexible than packing to fly. I always pack clothes and accessories which aren’t always so practical, though make you feel good. It makes it really feel like an adventure in character also.

Kara's top TBP products to take on a road trip...

-The Tulum, for an impromptu beachside camp and swim.

-The Adventure Tote, perfect to pile all your bits in!

See more of Kara here:

Website- kararosenlund.com Instagram- @kararosenlund

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