How to build a Bonfire

A few posts ago we showed you how to host an epic Beach Bash (read it HERE). But of course before you invite all your friends down to the beach for food and fun you might need to master this one basic life skill. How to build a Bonfire! Well, you're in luck because our co-founder Victoria has got you covered with step-by-step instructions and matching pictures to guide you there. See below...

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How to build a Beach Bonfire

A lighter or matches Dry leaves Twigs Newspaper Larger sticks Wooden logs Large rocks


1. Dig a level/large hole in the sand and surround with large rocks 2. Place dry leaves, twigs and newspaper in the hole - this is called kindling.. 3. On top of that place larger sticks, stacking them so that there is lots of airflow around each stick (like a tipi) 4. On top of that place 3-5 even larger sticks also like a tipi 5. Light your kindling 6. When the larger sticks start taking light add a log 7. Give your mate a high five, you just mastered what humanity have been doing for generations. The basic human right of lighting a fire. 8. Watch it burn. Then use it to cook your damper and mussels from our Recipes for a Seaside Feast blog post.

xx TBP