Top tips: Baby's beach adventure

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Mama to one sweet little Teddy boy, sea-lover and TBP co-founder Victoria shares her tips and tricks for enjoying a beach adventure with your little one.

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1. Take a shade and set it up strong and first. Even when I am under a tree I take a shade. I use a piece of material that I tie to sticks. I’m rubbish at digging an umbrella in strong enough.

2. Organic baby sunscreen, I put it on at home so that when I arrive I’m not freaking out that he is getting sunburnt. 

3. Baby hat, swimsuit with a swimmer nappy underneath, which is on him before we leave home. 

4. I make sure that everything fits in one bag, so I bring my Macrame Tote. This way I can carry Ted in one arm and the bag in the other. 

5. If Ted is due for a nap I take the beach cart as he napped in that up until 6 months, now that he’s older he just sleeps on a petite roundie.

6. Now comes the mummy good times, I take snacks and toys to distract Ted and I dig him a big hole, then while he is playing I put a playlist on and sit back and relaaaxxxx. I’ve given up on magazines and books unless I have back up friends or family to watch Ted. A playlist works a treat though. 

7. While we are at the beach we swim, Ted dove under his first wave at 4 months, he LOVES the water. We dig holes, by this time he’s usually completely nude and covered in sand. Just give into the sand there’s no fighting it! Ted also likes to play with shells and other things we find at the beach. 

Honestly whenever Ted is cranky at home a trip to the beach picks him right up and he has the best ever day nap after it. So go on mumma, get out there and enjoy! Create those beautiful memories with your babies, they are so precious! 

Side note: If you can convince the hubby to come and take turns surfing you’re onto a winner! 

With love. 

Victoria xx

Photography: Matt Johnson / Ted wearing: Yoli & Otis