Road tripping with Jordan Bunker

A little while ago we teamed up with super talented lifestyle, fashion and travel blogger Jordan Bunker as he road tripped to one of his favourite spots, Durdle Door (UK). The sweet shoot he captured with his gal Emily featuring our Aztec and Dreamtime roundies is just magic, you can see the stunning results below and check out the full interview while you're at it...

Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_1 copy
Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_2 copy
Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_3 copy
Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_4 copy
Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_6 copy
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Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_8 copy
Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_9 copy
Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_10 copy
Jordan_Bunker_the_beach_people_11 copy

TBP: Tell us a little bit about Durdle Door:

JB: Durdle Door has everything going for it. With a relatively secluded beach and clear waters, this is one of mine and Emily’s favourite spots to go. For me, in my last few months of living in Dorset, I want to make the most of everything it has to offer whether that be with work or going out and exploring.

TBP: What does your ideal road trip look like?

JB: For me, an ideal road trip involves driving around with friends, taking some photos - I don't leave the house without my camera - and a mid-roadtrip coffee break to keep me going! Being at university, I love being able to go out and explore the areas around me.

TBP: What are your essentials for a day on the road?

JB: If I was to pack my bag for a trip now I would include: a camera, my polaroid, iPhone, Beach People towel, a couple of magazines and lots of snacks!

TBP: Name a few places you would love to take a road trip to?

JB: There's plenty of places I want to go and visit. I want to go and explore Cape Town and Alberta, but then a bit closer to home I think it's time that I took a trip up to Scotland as I've seen some beautiful places being photographed.

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Photography courtesy of Lauren Chassebi

xx TBP