Styling your Roundie at home


We hope you guys are enjoying our 'styling series' as much as we are enjoying showing you how versatile our Roundies really are! A few posts back we showed you a little shoot and some tips to style your Petite Roundie at home from playmat to reading nook, just so the kiddies can enjoy using their Roundie in more ways than one. See that post HERE

Here we have styled the Volume Two collection to add pops of colour and pattern to a beautiful home backdrop. Tips below...


Tips to style and use your Roundie around the home with love from TBP;

Number ONE rule we go by is; choose your background wisely. We always start with a limited colour palette for an indoor/outdoor space. We want the focus to be the towel, it really should be the stand-out ‘hero’ of the space. No crazy colours here, just muted greys and natural tones all the way.

Number TWO; it should all come together. Every element in the space should compliment the other elements. If we are using a towel in a blue colour, we’ll pop a blue mug in there to balance the composition of the room out. Balance is key.

Number THREE; less is more. We don’t like to overcrowd our spaces. We take inspiration from Madame Coco Chanel when she said something along the lines of (and we are paraphrasing here), “Before you leave the house look in the mirror and take one thing off!”. The minimalists in us really love that idea. You go Glen Coco!

Number FOUR would have to be, get creative and have fun with it! Throw it around, drape it, place it or fold it. Have one on hand next to the outdoor shower to create a luxe feel in the garden. Keep a few in a storage basket in the lounge room and when friends come over lay them on the floor for extra seating or an impromptu picnic. FUN!

Happy styling’ ya’ll!

xx TBP