How to roll your Roundie

Ever wondered how to get that Roundie of yours back into that neat little roll it once was? Well wonder no longer! We have got you covered with these nifty instructions and pictures to match. Follow these 5 steps to wrangle that roundie back into the Leather carrier and get a perfectly rolled up round towel, every darn time.

1 - Lay your roundie flat and fold one half over the other. Make sure the side you want most visible starts off face down.

2 - Fold both sides in till the 'wings' meet in the middle and overlap like the pictures show.

3 - From the straight edge across the bottom, start to roll up towards the tassel edge. Voilà, now you have a roll!

4 - Place rolled up roundie into the Leather carrier and buckle up!

5 - Carry your roundie with ease to and from the beach.

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Thanks to our 'model' (ahem...Head Designer) Jake for the sweet rolling skills.

Happy rolling!

xx TBP