Wanderlust: Greek Islands

This week we are having sweet European summer dreams of Santorini, Ithica, Mykonos & Cephalonia; just to name a few of the many small isles dotted in the seas surrounding Greece. We are longing for balcony breakfasts with fresh yogurt and honey, afternoons spent lazing in a pool over cascades of white rooftops followed by sunset drinks oceanside with seafood galore.

Now if only we had a time travel machine so we could zip over and back in one weekend... (Uh a gal can dream!) But until that time comes we will bask in the glow of these beautiful photos and be whisked off in our minds...take us away to the isles of Greece!


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(All photos thanks to Annie & Brodie Macpherson from their recent travels to the Greek Islands)

xx TBP