Hey there! Melissa Sonico


We caught up with writer, teacher, blogger, beach lover and insta-star Melissa Sonico while we were in Palm Springs recently for a chat...


How do you spend your time? Well I teach college level english, blogging, social media and writing short stories

What attracted you to blogging? I started with a personal blog probably around 2010 because I liked to write and do journaling, and that sort of turned into me cataloging my fashion.

Using Instagram is when I kinda got in my zone, it widened my following and I got a little more serious about it and started to get sponsors and all that kind of stuff. It all happened really quickly!

Favourite beach? Malibu, it's beautiful because it has that sort of rocky-ness to it, you don't kinda see that in Southern California, but then you can also lay out in the sand too.

What are your summer essentials? The Roundie of course! Yeah I love any big towel I use them all the time, also sunglasses I'm currently wearing Madewell and sandals...I can't wear shoes in summer!

Whats on your summer playlist?

Melissa's Mellow Summer Playlist: Indian Summer | The Doors Coming Home | Leon Bridges Fourth of July | Sufjan Stevens Crimson and Clover |  You're the One For Me | Jonathan Richman Look at What the Light Did Now | Feist Coffee | Miguel Should Have Known | Robyn Eventually | Tame Impala Should Have Known Better | Sufjan Stevens (Yes, two Sufjan tracks :))

What are your favourite authors/blogs?

Authors: Joan Didion is my all-time favorite! Such raw emotion, and real portraits of Los Angeles/California living. George Saunders, Etgar Keret, Flannery O'Connor, Miranda July, Junot Diaz

Blogs: Mother Mag, Jess Hannah, Calivintage, Liebemarlene, Food blogs

So, you're expecting a bubba boy in November! What are you most excited about being a mum? Dressing him up! Clothes in miniature will be so cute!

Thanks Melissa!! It was so fun to meet & chat with you!

Check out her Blog HERE!

and gorgeous Instagram account HERE!

xx TBP