Bazaar: Meet the makers - TAKEAWEI


TAKEAWEI: (pronounced take away) Melbourne based ceramics label Takeawei creates fun, functional, hand crafted ceramics for the home. Drawing inspiration from nature, beach culture, food, fashion...and the universe, Takeawei mixes organic shapes and textures with bright colours and a sense of humour.

Each piece is designed to be used and is lovingly made by hand at the Takeawei studio in North Melbourne, Australia. Takeawei believes in good health and good karma. All tableware is made from high fired stone ware and porcelain, using food safe glazes and fired to a very hot 1280 degrees celcius.

We spoke to Chela Edmunds, the designer behind Takeawei, about why she loves these products...

I have a background in textiles and woven textiles in particular so when I got into ceramics it was a natural progression to transfer my love of pattern and colour onto the surface of vessels.

I love the way the glazes mimic woven fabric in a very loose painterly style. I enjoy creating each piece and the unique differences in every one that come from the handmade process.

I use natural stoneware clay that is high fired to 1280 degrees celcius. The tumblers are dishwasher safe and can be used to hold hot or cold drinks.

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