Bazaar: Meet the makers - The Sea Life


Matt Johnson is the photographer behind The Sea Life, his lifelong fascination & documentation of the sea and the surf are best summed up in this quote;

"The Sea Life is a photographic expression of a life dedicated to the aquatic. A wave is ridden and then ceases to exist, the trail washed away, never to be repeated. Yet these fleeting moments and the sight, smell, taste, touch and sound of these experiences emanate from the four walls of the sea life’s images. Freedom is captured and generously shared. An eternal reminder of why we chase the ephemeral" - Words by Stuart McKerihan

Matt's thoughts on this photograph:

This photograph is simple celebration of the marriage of the sea & the sky and the universally constant point in which they meet. The horizon is placed exactly in the middle of the composition in an effort to remove myself from the image as a photographer giving no bias or emphasis to either the sea or the sky but capturing them in equal measures so that nature can speak for itself.

I began regularly (a few times per week) photographing the horizon in this way just over a year ago. Although some days placing the horizon lower or higher in the picture works better depending on the light and weather patterns of the day I always come back to placing it in the centre. Simplicity is beauty. I personally like the subtle greens throughout this image.

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