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Discover our favourite destinations and how we get organised for holidays with the Paper Clutch Trio


We wanted you to get to know our team a little better, and what better way then the age old travel question, because where you holiday to, says a lot about a person… and even more, what you pack! We asked our team where their favourite travel destination is, what they pack into their Paper Clutch Trio’s (they really are the best travel companion), and their travel hack! And because we all love a little bit of organisation here in our office, and you will probably have caught the travel bug by the end of this, we have included the Ultimate Packing List for you. You can thank us later!


Julissa, Graphic Designer

Favourite destination - Seoul, South Korea. It's the kind of city where you can spend your days exploring the hidden corners and learning about it’s complex history, or just sitting at a charming cafe for hours people watching. A must do for anyone who wants to feel like a local, is eating convenience store brought ramen by the Han River on a snowy Winters day. 

What’s in my Paper Clutch Trio - When I travel, I like to stay in a few different locations in the same city. The Paper Clutch Trio helps keep my luggage organised whilst I lug my suitcase around. I use the smallest one for all my jewellery, hair ties and first aid items, the medium one for my cosmetics and the large one for my cables. 

My travel hack - I always pack a power board so I can charge my camera, power bank and phone overnight.  


Renee, sales Account ExecutivE

Favourite destination - Mexico, Tulum. This place has the coolest, quirky, relaxed, laid-back vibe. Upon my arrival into town I noticed this immediately. Everywhere I looked I saw people bicycling to their next destination, signs advertising free yoga classes, and adorable beach bars. Everyone looked… happy! (And not because they were drinking yard tall margaritas from Señor Frogs). Happy and chill. It was infectious.

What’s in my Paper Clutch Trio - When travelling I pack A LOT of things.. so when packing up my suitcase the Paper Trio comes in handy in so many ways, from keeping my day to day face care & makeup together, to dashing out the door with the medium size clutch under my arm filled with my “must have’s” (lip balm, bank card, roll on perfume, Iphone & sunglasses). 

My travel hack - When flying I always pack my Aesop hydrating spray to spritz on during the flight, saves my super thirsty skin that craves H2O the second I jump on a plane. 


Emma, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Favourite destination - New Zealand - I love big cities like Paris and New York, so inspiring, but what my soul loves is nature! My family and I traveled to New Zealand last holidays and it is truly breathtaking. The most epic scenery all around. You can live slow, unwind with nothing to do but hike, eat, drink wine and look at pretty landscapes. The children can run wild and free! 

These Trio’s are mum life essentials - The Large for nappies and wipes and a change of clothes, Medium for any travel medical supplies like essential oils, band aids (the toddler is addicted) back up pacifier (dummy), natural hand sanitiser. The Small for hair bands and clips because, girl mum! 

My travel hack - I never travel without a stash of organic lolly pops from the health food store. Store it in the medical supply Medium zippy. That way when you land in LAX at 2am and to have to wake three children up, they are greeted with a healthy candy! Everyone is happy and relatively silent through customs and baggage collection.


Jake, Head of Design

Favourite destination - Greece - It’s such a beautiful and diverse country. I love the pristine beaches, food and culture. Island hopping is a must.

What’s in my Paper Clutch Trio - These have become a staple when I travel as they keep my backpack super organised. I use the Large one for my laptop, the Medium one for all my personal care items and the Small one to keep tickets and receipts when traveling.

My travel hack - Bring your own empty water bottle. This way you can bring a larger bottle and fill it up (I take a 2L insulated bottle). It’ll stop you from getting dehydrated during your flights and save you from having to buy plastic waste at the airport.


Lily, Sales Manager

Favourite destination - New York, US. It’s the city that never sleeps, the concrete jungle that wraps around the green oasis - Central Park. I love the diversity the city has to offer, from the cobbled streets of Soho, to the flea markets of Brooklyn and the bright lights of Times Square. 

What’s in my Paper Clutch Trio - For me having the little things that make traveling easy and comfortable is important. I will have lip balm, a hydrating face mist and hand cream in the Little. And in the Medium and Large, it will be my cards, cash and phone, a map, a few business cards (you never know) and bandaids… You always need them from all the walking! 

My travel hack - We always pack a spare pillow case, for those times the airbnb doesn’t have the right amount of pillows! We fill the case with soft clothes for a restful nights sleep. 


Brenton, Ecomm

Favourite destination - My favourite holiday location so far is the south west coast of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It's not too crowded and has the best surf.

What's in my Paper Clutch Trio - I don't take a lot when I travel, but in the Paper Clutch Trio, I keep my fins and surf wax in the Big one, my travel documents (passport, travel insurance etc) in the Medium size and my Indonesian cash in the Small one.

My travel hack - I always carry a photocopy of my passport in my bag, and keep a copy on my phone and in my emails... you just never know.


Carielle, Customer Service

Favourite destination - Greece (anywhere, but especially Santorini). I adore Greece (and Santorini). It’s one of those locations where everything seems perfect... It’s stunning everywhere you look, the food is incredible, the people are so lovely, the weather is gorgeous, and the vibe of the place is amazing. Everyone seems to be so relaxed and in a good mood - but how could you not be?!

What’s in my Paper Clutch Trio - When I travel, I always take my phone (and at times a small camera), sometimes my laptop, a bit of makeup, my lip-balm, and a little coin purse. So the Paper Trio is super handy for keeping all this together. I have my MacBook in the Large one, makeup bits in the Medium one and my phone, lip-balm and coin purse in the Small one! I love it for using in my carry-on, or grabbing the small one for walking, seeing the sights!

My Travel hack - I always have a little fabric bag for dirty washing! It’s so handy to have somewhere you can put your dirty bits, so they aren’t rolling around with your clean things, until you can get to a washing machine or get home!


Ally, content creator

Favourite destination - Paris, France. I just love the vibe of this city! There’s always something to see and do, from the cafes and jazz bars, to the pretty gardens and the amazing galleries. I’m constantly inspired just by walking around in this beautiful city.

What’s in my Paper Clutch Trio - When I travel, I always take my cameras and tech with me. So the Paper Trio is perfect for organising this in my carry on. I have my MacBook in the Large one, my iPad in the Medium sized one, and all my memory cards, chargers and film in the small one.

My travel hack - I always keep those little fabric bags that your sheets and pillowcases come in, and use them to organise my suitcase. They’re perfect for sorting socks, underwear, and all your little bits and pieces”.

The ultimate packing list

The very extensive, well thought out, ticks every box and everything you could ever need on a holiday… Packing List!

Life’s short, book the plane tickets.


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