Why thread count really doesn't matter

We’re here to bust the myth about thread count! For so long, manufacturers and the textile industry have communicated to consumers the importance of a high thread count when choosing sheets. But have you ever wondered what it all really means? Is a higher count really better? Have a little read below and find out why we think it’s all a load of sheet, ha!


What exactly is thread count?

We hear the term thrown around and seem to have the opinion that the higher the count, the better the sheet right? Wrong! Thread count is basically the number of threads woven, horizontally (“weft”) and vertically (“warp”) in one square inch of fabric. As a general rule, most weavers would say the maximum number of threads that can be woven in a square inch of fabric is close to 500-600.


So why are there sheets with thread counts in the thousands?

The issue here, is that extra threads can be woven into the fabric, bumping up the the thread count but not increasing the quality of the sheet. Instead of using “single-ply” yarn, some manufacturers use “multiple-ply” yarn which is essentially cheap, individual threads twisted around each other bumping up the thread count, and resulting in a heavier and scratchier sheet.


Then how do we choose based on quality if we don’t pay attention to thread count?

Pay attention to the ply of the thread and avoid anything over two-ply. Instead of using higher quality single-ply threads, manufacturers will inflate their thread counts by using poorer quality and weaker yarn, twisted together to create a multiple-ply yarn. As there is little to no regulations for the textile industry, manufacturers can count each ply as a thread. So for example, you may be buying a “600 thread count”, when really it is a 200 three-ply woven from cheaper quality yarn.


How would you describe your eucalyptus sheets then?

Our Eucalyptus sheets are woven from long fibre, single ply cotton and would be closest to a 220 thread count due to the high quality of thread we use. Our unique blend uses eco-friendly eucalyptus, ensuring quality, comfort and durability and creates a breathable, silk like fabric that is luxuriously soft and highly breathable, allowing you to stay cool in summer and warm throughout winter. The added fibre of Eucalyptus in our sheets, also adds hypoallergenic properties and as the trees are grown on sustainably farms, you can rest easy knowing they are good for the earth too.


Because a good sleep is everything, we can guarantee you will love our Eucalyptus Sheets and they will last the test of time, and get softer with every wash. So much so, that we will offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t love them, we’ll take them back.