Gift Wrapping with Emma

I LOVE GIFT WRAPPING! There I said it, I even have a dedicated gift wrapping station at home. It’s a box full of vintage fabric, twine, dried leaves, gum nuts, ribbons, old maps, left over cuttings from gift paper given to me, my children’s paintings (we get so many, may as well use it again right?) and the usual suspects like tape and scissors.


I’m a big believer of recycling so for this years gift wrapping guide, I used some sample linen from the office, natural twine, dried babies breath and some dried grass. If you don’t have linen off cuts, go to your local thrift store and grab some canvas, old sheets or an old linen dress that can be cut. Just look for good colours and textures. It will most likely cost about $5 all up and can be used over and over… Most brands do such a beautiful job of gift wrapping these days, remember gifts might only need a swing tag with a sweet message rather than overdoing it with the whole shebang!   


What you’ll need...

  1. Off cuts of old fabric - we used Linen and a soft calico

  2. Twine or rope.

  3. Foliage - We used dried flowers. sprigs of gum leaves would also look pretty!


It’s a cool thing to remember that it’s more joyful to give, than receive and for me, it’s never about the dollars spent but about the heart behind it.

Choose gifts that last and create memories. Before I sign off, a must for gift wrapping is Christmas music (don’t roll your eyes), try Khruangbin’s new Christmas tunes “Christmas time is here” and Christmas food helps too. Here’s a link to what I’ll be trying while wrapping this year, old fashioned rum balls yum!

Happy wrapping!

Emma x