How to: make simple but heartfelt bon-bons for your Christmas table

So often at this busy time of year you might tend to reach for the mass produced, bulk pack of Christmas bon-bons. This year we encourage you to think differently and take the time to put together your own meaningful bon-bons, and why not let the whole family join in like we did!

You might have caught a glimpse of these bon-bons adorning the table setting for our Christmas feast on the Journal post here. Now we can share the step-by-step guide with you.

After combing the beach with all our kids in tow to find treasures to pop inside, my 6 year old daughter Lucia, showed us how her handwritten name tags add a sweet and sentimental touch to a simple brown cardboard bon-bon. With Lulu’s handwritten name tags, these bon-bon's become not just fun festive table additions, but name place settings too!

Having three daughters has really made me get my craft on! They love craft and creative play. Every holidays my eldest daughter Lucia (6y) asks if we can go to the craft shop and stock up on crafts for the holidays. On our latest trip to the store we came across these DIY Christmas bon-bons. Lucia and Daisy loved making them together to I thought we would share it with you. I can’t wait to add them to our Christmas table this year. Nothing like homemade creations to make family and friends feel special on Christmas Day.

Here is what you will need ...

1 packet of DIY bon-bons available from any good craft store (ours is from Spotlight).
Your choice of decorations, we used twine or you could use linen fabric, thick jute cord or ribbon. 
Something special for the inside; I got the girls to find treasures from the beach (a million times better than a plastic key ring that is usually in a bon-bon). You could even pop in a store bought or homemade sweet treat and why not add a personal message inside for each guest at the table... The sky is the limit!
Once you have what you will need you can assemble the bon-bons and use them as place settings!

Happy Holidays, 

Emma x

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