Top 5: Lessons my Mother taught me


Hello, it’s Victoria here. I hope that you are reading this post happy and healthy. I am just so incredibly grateful that I scored the Mum I did. She is an original beach person. The kind of woman that takes her flippers, goggles and swimming cap to the beach to go for a “proper” swim. In honour of Mother's Day, I thought I would share some lessons that my Mother taught me… enjoy! 


1. Always adventure.

My mother is a real lady, always glamorous, and the kind of woman that puts lipstick on for a pilates class. That’s never stopped her adventuring. She’s a modern woman, and as glamorous as she is wild. She loves to travel, hike, explore and venture off the beaten track. I grew up thinking there was always an adventure just around the corner to look forward to.

2. Treat others how you want to be treated.

 Old school, but tried and tested as a lovely way to live. 

3. Relax.

She taught me that there will always be work ahead, so make sure you take time to relax in the craziness. I remember she took me to a day spa before my final exams in high school.


4. We are all different.

Emma and I couldn’t be more different, and my mum celebrated that. We played differently, worked differently, have different likes and dislikes, and were raised knowing this was ok.

5. Celebrate.

It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it’s important to celebrate your milestones. If you kick a goal at work or have passed a huge milestone like toilet training a baby, then celebrate! Grab a cocktail, get a massage, buy that special something, and mark the milestone with a memory or purchase. You deserve it! 


This Mother’s Day, take a moment to thank the women in your life who have been there for you through thick and thin. Go on an adventure, treat them well, relax together, and celebrate!