TBP X The Grace Tales

Our co-founders Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie recently caught up with the lovely ladies from The Grace Tales to talk beaches, business and babies. Continue reading to see how they face and conquer the challenges that come along with motherhood and running an ever expanding business. 

The Grace Tales: How have your parents inspired your life?

Victoria: Nothing scares them, I remember telling dad I wanted to take up spear fishing and he was like ‘No worries, I’ve got the gear in the garage’. At the same time, he’s been taking me to the accountants since I was a kid so I’m as comfortable on a remote beach as I am in a city boardroom.


The Grace Tales: What did your own mother teach you about motherhood?

Victoria: To be present and engaging with Ted, I don’t want to just distract him his whole childhood, I want to journey with him. She also taught me about healthy eating and alternate medicine which has created a happy and healthy home for my family.

Emma: Goodness, so much. She’s shown me that every child is different. For example, mum home schooled me but sent Victoria to a private school. I struggled with a school environment and mum enrolled me in interior design school and really encouraged my creativity. Meanwhile Vic was working and going to school and loving it. She taught us to play to our strengths. You don’t have to get A+’s at math’s… just be good at what you are good at… just be you. She also showed me how to switch off and just be with the kids. Even though she was a career woman she never appeared busy, always present and playful.


The Grace Tales: So far, what has been the most challenging part of motherhood?

Victoria: All the challenges are also weirdly a joy. Getting up in the night to breastfeed is both a challenge and a pleasure. Ted’s going through a bit of a screaming stage… that’s challenging and not sure how to overcome that one… I think he’s just a noisy boy.

Emma: When I had my first, Lucia, I found just when I thought I had her figured out she would change on me… and I would have to figure her out all over again. My husband would say thats because she isn’t a robot ha! Same thing that works one day doesn’t always work the next day. That to me was challenging. I now have three kids and I’m much more relaxed with the third and a bit more go with the flow. I say to new parents “you might sleep you might not, but it will be ok, it’s only a season”. I try and enjoy my children everyday even on the challenging days when I want to pull my hair out! My favourite part is the end of the day. I switch off my phone and spend the afternoons and evenings just playing with my girls, it’s the best. I was already a stay at home mother when we started The Beach People… for me the change was the other way around, I’ve just gone on the journey with my children with me. It’s chaotic at times, but we just make it work and get the job done. I remember organising a big shoot. I shopped for props for three days straight with the girls, they were so over it but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.


The Grace Tales: Where do you see the brand in 10 years?

Victoria: As one of the world's most loved and respected brands, pioneering seaside luxe. On a personal note, I’d like three more kids, two more dogs, a cow and a bunch of chickens.

Emma: Still doing what we are doing, designing product that we hope you will all love as much as we do, creating and working with our amazing team. On a personal note in 10 years time we’d love more of the same as today… enjoying our families, the beach and working on what we love.


TBP xx


Interview: The Grace Tales / Location: The Atlantic Byron Bay / Kids clothes: Yoli and Otis / Adult Clothes: / Photographer: Kara Hynes / Make-Up: Luciana Rose