How to: Gift wrap

Woah Nelly, boy oh boy and gosh golly do we love to wrap gifts. Emma has been known to dedicate a whole evening to the occasion, complete with Mariah Carey on the tunes and home baked white christmas at the ready. I personally am the only Aussie I know that makes eggnog… and we truly love this time of year. We’ve selected our gift wrapping of choice for the holidays and have decided to share it with you here. 

All you need is one thing, that’s right, one thing. No tape, no string, no annoying decorations. Just a humble piece of material (recycled if you are that way inclined). A few origami inspired manoeuvres and you’ve got a sweet gift wrapped that oozes festive vibes. We’ve done our best to demonstrate here. Feel free to ask questions on the line and remember enjoy the holidays. 



Emma & Victoria xx