Palm Beach: The Boathouse


It’s become a Beach People tradition to eat (A LOT) when we are on a shoot. Call it comfort eating, celebratory eating or just fuel for the energy we are burning... whatever you want to call it... let it be known... The Beach People CAN eat! 

At our recent campaign shoot at the beautiful Palm Beach we called on local friends from The Boathouse to cook for us... and cook for us they did! 

Oysters, prawns, salads and a cheese board from heaven! It felt like an Aussie Christmas. Amid the chaos of the shoot it was a really special moment to take a second and enjoy. 

Here are some pictures of the moment and our menu recommendation to share with friends, Enjoy!


Sydney rock oysters with native lime vinaigrette

QLD tiger prawns with seafood sauce + sourdough ¹

Summer Salad of kale, carrot + quinoa with sprouts + goats cheese ²

Seasonal cheese board tasting plate ³

Toasted banana bread with butter and mascarpone ⁴

Sparkling Mineral water with lime


Victoria xx

Provided by - The Boathouse