Recipes for a seaside feast (from our Beach Bash)

A Beach Bash is not complete without delicious food prepared ahead of time but cooked and eaten by the fire. We have included the recipes from our seaside feast below for your enjoyment. They can of course be used for any occasion.

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Hot Nutmilk Chocolate

(Recipe straight from Jo Whitton over at Quirky Cooking)

100g raw cashews or blanched almonds 600g filtered water 20g raw cacao powder (or good quality cocoa) 50g coconut sugar or Rapadura (or other sweetener, to taste) 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Use a powerful blender to make the nut milk or buy premade. Cook gently in saucepan on stovetop, whisking to keep from sticking to bottom of pan, until thickened slightly and temp reaches 80C.

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how to eat mussels on the beach: use the shell as tongs & pull one out with the other!


Serves 4 A good amount of olive oil 1 brown onion, finely diced 2 cloves of garlic mashed 100g bacon bits Bunch of parsley (stems finely chopped, leaves picked) 125ml of dry white wine 500mls cream 2kgs of mussels or pipi’s cleaned Salt and pepper

In a large cooking pot pour olive oil over the entire base until it’s about 5mm deep. Once hot, add the onion, garlic, bacon bits and parsley stem and cook until translucent and slightly brown and the pan is sizzling. Add the white wine and allow to bubble, then pour over the cream and stir through Once the sauce is hot again add the mussels and pipis. keep stirring until the majority have opened. Add the parsley leaves, salt, pepper and discard un-opened pipi’s/mussels. Serve immediately with crusty bread and butter for a snack or over pasta for a main.

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5 cups of self raising flour 1 bottle of stone and wood pacific ale or your choice of beer A good few pinchs of salt

Mix the salt with the flour and pour in the beer Mix it goood while doing a little dance Knead it until it’s smooth and dough-like Roll the dough into oval shaped balls and thread onto a stick Roast over an open flame for 8-12 minutes. Pull off and cover with butter, dipped in golden syrup… enjoy!

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Photography by Matt Johnson Daisy wears Yoli & Otis dress

xx TBP