An Ode to Mothers - Sibella Court

As an ode to Mother's day, we had a chat to our friend and fellow mother Sibella Court to find out some gems of wisdom she could share with us when it comes to her motherhood. If there is one thing we can say about Sibella, it is that she is one hardworking and inspiring mama! Not only is she one of our favourite Australian interior stylists, she is also an author, owner of The Society inc., a professional globetrotter, TV host and down-to-earth mother to one very sweet girl Silver.

How she manages to juggle all that and a small child we'll never know. Our hat goes off to her & all the Mothers out there this weekend! (Interview below.)


TBP: What is the best thing about being a mum?

SC: Re-reading all my favourite books, and remembering all the things I loved doing with my beautiful mother

TBP: What’s the best advice you have received as a mother?

SC: Everything is a phase

TBP: How would you describe Silver’s Personality?

SC: Mostly pretty chilled, definitely determined & knows what she likes & doesn’t and so very affectionate

TBP: The one thing in your day you can’t live without?

SC: I think as a parent you learn you can live without a lot of stuff - I have learnt the art of non-attachment and no routine and disrupted plans

TBP: Best tips on balancing work and family life?

SC: Go with the flow. The school drop off & pick up book end my work day and make me work a regular day. Once I have Silver I do my best to be present & engaged & if I don't she pulls me up & makes me anyway!

TBP: Whats your morning routine look like?

SC: Some mornings it's pilates and all the others are breakfast, washing, dressing - the regular mad rush

TBP: What is your go to meal?

SC: Spaghetti bolognese

Big love & Happy Mother's Day

xx TBP