7 Essentials for Your Next Seaside Adventure


Hello and G’day Beach People of the world…  It’s Summer downunder and I’m unapologetic in sharing with y’all that it’s currently 28 degrees celsius and I’ve got a towel rack full of wet swimmers and drying roundies!   I’m currently writing to you from a small coastal town called Nambucca Heads. Where my husband, baby and I are taking a week out of our full lives to camp and occupy our time with things as simple as listening to the birds and watching the sun set over the gum trees. They have the freshest produce and most delicious seafood! I made Jesse a lobster roll the other night… Living the dream! Baby is asleep, Jesse is spear fishing and here I am writing to you…   We’ve been wandering to the sea in-between baby’s naps and what a delight. I’d love to share with you what I take to the beach. Every. Single. Time.   My Roundie! Obviously! I take two! One to lay on and one to dry with/roll into a pillow…   Snorkel and goggles. I’m obsessed with seeing under the water clearly. Yes, I’m that dorky beach goer with the goggles on. I just love watching the waves roll and the fish dart…   The shade of a tree. I know you can’t take this in your bag but I always pick my beach destinations based on good shade. It’s simple, find a tree and you can stay longer!   Fresh fruit and water. Hydrate and energise. We love to pack a chopped watermelon salad with a touch of mint, raspberries and toasted hazelnuts.   Music. Always. I’m compiling a playlist to share with you all soon.   Lack of Colours hat. I own a bunch. Every season they bring out the styles I am looking for. I’m an adventurer so I need hats that can handle a bit of tough love!   Grab some mates and get out there and as we say… Follow the sun.   Love   Victoria with Jesse, Theodore and Duke the dog.


Image credits: Chasing the Sun Series, Hungry Ghost Food and Travel, Katrina Parker, Bang & Olufsen, Lack of Color, Taste and See Want Shop.