The Drifter Blog: Ming Nomchong

Meet the lady behind The Drifter Blog, Ming Nomchong. A talented photographer with a heart after our own and a deep love for the sea. We chat to her more below...

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/ HER FAVE COASTLINE... Where I live, obviously. Coastal Northern NSW is a pretty special place. I have favourite places for different activities. For surfing, Wategos beach, for getting away from it all and adventuring to a secluded spot, the beaches south of Broken Head, for running/walking, Tallows to Broken is a 15km round trip on white sand. The area has it all.

/ HOW HER BLOG STARTED... The blog was inspired by my inability to stay put in any one place. It started as a creative outlet for my photos and travels while working on a boat in Fiji in 2012 and has since morphed into a fashion/surf/lifestyle blog that celebrates living a salty life.

/ WHATS TO LOVE ABOUT WHAT SHE DOES.. Um, traveling and taking photos! Haha, seriously though, I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and maybe learning a little something from them. I’m addicted to the next adventure around the corner, the next place that I’ve never seen before. And when I do see it, I have to shoot it. I’m also obsessed with the Tropics so any chance I get to go anywhere where it’s hot, I’m first in line. It’s probably why I’ve ended up working on a travel series called Chasing The Sun with my friend Lauren Hill.

/ THAT PERFECT SHOT MAKES HER FEEL... Stoked. I’m a big dag, I get pretty excited and you'll usually see a massive grin on my face. I may even do some kind of dancey jig thing.

/ HER ADVICE.. There are so many blogs out there these days, and a lot of them all look the same with a lot of the same kind of content on there. Find a niche and keep to it. You’ll start to gather an organic following based on the fact that you can’t really go elsewhere to find what you’re offering. Make it special.

All photography by Ming herself except of course the ones of her

Check out her instagram account @thedrifterblog

TBP xx