Wanderlust: Tulum, Mexico

Winter has well and truly set in here in Australia and is it just us or does a summer vacay look real good about now? A whole year of summer… yeah... we could totally go for that!

Something that's not really helping this current state of mind is the worlds or maybe just the 'socials' (instagram & pinterest) being over loaded with pictures of the oh so luxurious and tropical Tulum, Mexico. We are crushing hard on this locale and day dreaming about packing our bags to visit it A S A P!

We have long admired from afar the beauty of the Coqui Coqui boutique hotel, the interior and exterior are so inspiring we could just move right in & live there...

But until the day we can run into the Mexican sunset with pina coladas in hand, these pictures will keep us feeling lusty and warm through the winter days and nights ahead.


Sweet day dreaming' folks, TBP xx

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