Top 5: Lessons my Father taught me

With Father’s Day on the horizon, I can’t help but think how incredible parents are. Having been one myself for the last two years, my eyes have opened to the marathon that is parenting. There is no off button, no “back in 5 minutes” moment. IT IS FULL ON! It is beautiful and wild all at once.

My own father is the original Beach Person! Referred by my family as a ‘salty sea dog.’ I am currently sitting in a freshly painted office as he spent the weekend at The Beach People HQ making some adjustments to our workspace; he is that kind of guy. As an ode to him, I thought it would be sweet to share a few things that he has taught me in the hopes that it would also inspire you.


1.    "Take the back roads”

For as long as I can remember, my Dad has always taken the slow road, the pretty road, the ‘meet new people just because’ road. As a young man he used to sail to work and could be a few hours late depending on the wind. Ridiculous and inspiring all at once.

I will always remember our family beach days. Dad would make friends out the back of the surf as people feel comfortable talking to him. He always cares. What a guy! He is surprisingly opposed to take away coffees. “If you don’t have time to finish a latte at the counter Victoria, you’re too busy,” he would say to me as I whisked passed to pick up the order placed on my app 10 minutes earlier. He really is a stop and smell the frangipani kind of guy. It is a beautiful way of life. 

2. "Finish the job"

In a world where people aren’t always true to their word, you can always trust that Dad will do what he said will do. He is a man of his word and always finishes the job. Em and I, as a result, can’t leave things half done. If we commit to something, we will see it through. Old fashioned and oh so cool. 

3. "There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love once you know their story”

My Dad is eccentric, there is no denying it. One Sunday morning before church, he took us to a local truck stop for breakfast. Maybe because he had noticed that Em and I were getting a little too clean cut, a little too caught up in our early teen lives. “Look around, these blokes are the salt of the earth, real people,” he would say. “Not everyone is the same as you and that’s the ‘spice of life’.”
I’ve never heard him talk down to anyone. He walks down the street and treats everyone the same, no matter what their bank balance is, their race, sex, orientation or appearance. We are all people, and that is a beautiful thing. 


4. "Women can do anything”

My Dad has always believed in the power of women. Maybe it came from having a home full of girls… I don’t know. Perhaps it was because he was raised by a strong and independent woman. Yeah Nan! I can recall coming home everyday to an article, a book or a DVD on my bed of an inspiring story of women doing incredible things. ‘Woman drives a truck route to the Northern Territory to deliver school supplies to remote indigenous communities, Women giving Wall Street a run for their money.’

Em and I grew up thinking we could do or be anything, and I hope to raise my family the same. 

5. “Gosh your Mum’s beautiful”

He genuinely thinks Mum is the funniest, prettiest, coolest, wisest, and kindest person in the world. She is pretty rad! He would say it all day everyday. While Em and I would roll our eyes and make heaving noises, it was pretty special growing up in a house full of love. Now being married myself, I see the challenges. I want to stay in love and luckily can look to my parents for some guidance. Always think the best of the other person, tell them that they are great, and keep the spice baby. 

The crazy thing is that from what I know, my Dad’s Father was none of these things. So I’m not sure if Father’s Day brings happy or sad memories for you…. either way The Beach People Crew and I wish you a happy day with those you love.

Love and Peace,