The top 5 must-try cheeses for your next picnic

So you’ve got your new Picnic Basket, now all you need is inspiration for the perfect picnic. What’s a picnic without a delicious, Instagram-worthy cheese board? We chatted to Darren Robertson, the Chef behind one of our favourite Byron Bay restaurants, Three Blue Ducks, to get the run down on the must-try cheese and wine pairings that you need for your next picnic. Pair these with your new cheese board (the lid of your picnic basket), and you’ll be a connoisseur in no time…

Darren Robertson is a passionate advocate of farm-to-table cooking, he champions sustainability and using ethically farmed produce. Darren trained in the UK under acclaimed Chef Mark Raffan, and has since been the Head Chef at some of the world’s best restaurants. He teamed up with like-minded friends in 2012 to start Three Blue Ducks at The Farm in Byron Bay. Darren has also co-authored three cookbooks and appeared on shows like MasterChef, Iron Chef USA and MKR.


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My go-to is the Burrata by Byron Bay Mozzarella. It’s soft, chewy, light and creamy. It’s perfect with fresh tomatoes and beets.

Wine: 2017 Stuart Proud Up The Mountain Pinor Noir

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Lactic Cheese

I love the Nimbin Valley Full Moon - it’s a firm and smooth lactic cheese with a yeasty rind.

Wine: Cullen Wines Chardonnay

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I know it’s a big call, but the Tweed Valley Haloumi is the best haloumi I’ve ever tried. I love to have it cooked on the BBQ or a mobile hibachi. It’s light, sweet and slightly chewy.

Wine: Field Blend by Jared Dixon’s Dilly Wines

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Tarwin Blue

If you’re looking for a cheese that’s a little bit different and full of flavour, I would suggest the Berry’s Creek Tarwin Blue. It’s intense and complex, but still smooth.

Wine: Poolside by Shobbrook Wines


And the best cheese & wine pairing is…

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Cloth Bound Cheddar

Find me someone who doesn’t like this cheese! I would say that the Cloth Bound Cheddar by Bay of Fires Tasmania is my favourite cheddar. It’s sweet, salty, slightly nutty and buttery - it’s just awesome cheese.

Wine: Green Room Ganache by Ochota Barrels