Top tips: To a better night's sleep

It's the end of the day and you’ve earned a restful and relaxing night's sleep. We spend so much time in bed it deserves some thought and attention. Here are a few easy tips to enhance your sleep routine.

1. Switch off

Switch off all technology at least 90 minutes before bed and yes I’m going to say it… all devices out of the bed! It’s easier than you think and your body will thank you for the extra rest. 

2. Sip a tea

Have a chamomile or lemon myrtle tea, anything without caffeine and let the natural herbs do their work.

3. Go over the next day

Plan a time to wake up and even if it's just loosely plan the next day so you aren’t making decisions in your sleep. Try to do this a few hours before bed. 

4. Walk around the block

Fresh air, the pace, the evening, everything good for the soul.

5. Read

Something simple and easy, nothing too stimulating.  

6. Create a peaceful space in your bedroom

Quality sheets (we can help you there) in soothing colours and natural textiles. 

7. Stretch and Relax

Do some stretches, take deep breathes and think happy thoughts. I have ended some of my most stressful days just like this. 

Wishing you happy sleeps 

Victoria xx

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